All Saints’ Taiping Heritage Church is the original church built in 1887, now a National Heritage Site, in the historic town of Taiping, Perak, West Malaysia.

It is the first English Church in the Malay States and one of the 33 “firsts” in the  historic town of Taiping. The Church belongs to the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia.

In 1884 the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, London, sent the first Chaplain to Taiping, the Revd. B. Markham. Designed by Mr George A. Lefroy, an Australian architect, All Saints’ Church was opened for worship on 27th March 1887. It was consecrated by the Right Revd. G.F. Hose, Bishop of Singapore and Sarawak, on 8th August 1887, in the Parish of All Perak. This became the first English Church in the Malay States. Constructed almost entirely of timber, it still stands in its original form, situated near the centre of the town.

In 1907, All Saints’ Church Taiping became the Parish Church of North Perak, which included the Church of the Resurrection Kuala Kangsar (1907) and St Andrew’s Church Parit Buntar (1911).

In 2012 the new church was built, close by, also called All Saints’ Church (New Church), making it unique to have two churches adjacent to each other with the same dedication.


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